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Special Offer 12" Singles

Aceyalone accompanied by RJD2 - Supahero (Decon) £0.99 Add to basket
Atmosphere - The Lake Nokomis Maxi Single (Rhymesayers) £4.99 Add to basket
Cinnamon - Cakes And Pies/Remix/Spike Initiating Zone/Feels So Good (US Lewis Recordings Picture Cover) 1p Add to basket
Cinnamon - Yellow Car DJ Swamp Mix/Original Version/J-Hop Mix/Kurashi/Roddy Schrock Remix/Cakes And Pies Live Version (Lewis Recordings Picture Cover) 25p Add to basket
Dooley O - I Wish (Lewis Picture Sleeve) 99p Add to basket
Dooley O - Soaps (Lewis Picture Sleeve) 99p Add to basket
Dooley O - I Don't Wanna Lose You (Lewis Picture Sleeve) 99p Add to basket
Edan - Emcees Smoke Crack Remix/I'll Come Running Back To You/Street/Radio Versions/Instrumentals (Lewis Recordings US Pressing) £2.99 Add to basket
Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No) - Odditorium (Limited Edition 4 Song Picture Disc) Decon £4.99 Add to basket
Hieroglyphics / E40 - San Quinn - Don't Hate The Player / Baller Blockin' (Decon) £1.99 Add to basket
J Dilla - Jay Dee's Revenge / Birthright 10" £8.99 Add to basket
Kid Circus presents Coolhurst - They Came To Play/Dance (Nana Records) £2.99 Add to basket
Mac Lethal - Make-Out Bandit / Pound That Beer (Rhymesayers) £1.99 Add to basket
Million Dan - Scream Out / Glimity Glamity £2.99 Add to basket
P.O.S.: We Don't Even Live Here (Limited Edition 12" Picture Disc) £5.99 Add to basket
Andrew Thompson -  We're In Business/ Go Bananas (Lewis Recordings) 25p Add to basket
Waxfactor - The Game Face EP £1.99 Add to basket

Special Offer 7" Singles

Boogie Down Productions - Super Hoe / Criminal Minded (B Boy Records) £6.99 Add to basket
Boogie Down Productions - Elementary / Dope Beat (B Boy Records) £5.99 Add to basket
Dinosaur L - In The Corn Belt #3 £5.99 Add to basket
Fatt Father - Success £2.99 Add to basket
Felix - Tiger Stripes/You Can't Hold Me Down 7" Vinyl, Sleeping Bag Records, Get On Down £4.99 Add to basket
Johnny! - I'm Gone (Now Again) Ltd Edition, Incl. Download Card £5.99 Add to basket
Kenny Dope Presents Wildstyle Beats - Razor Cut (Kay Dee) £6.99 Add to basket
Lady Wray - Underneath My Feet / Guilty (Big Crown) £7.99 Add to basket
Lady Wray - Smiling / Make Me Over (Big Crown Records) £7.99 Add to basket
Lee Fields & The Expressions - Special Night Pt 1 / Pt2 (Big Crown Records) £6.99 Add to basket
Lyn Collins - We Want To Parrty, Parrty, Parrty / You Can't Beat Two People In Love (Get On Down) £8.99 Add to basket
Mako & The Hawk - The Devil Made Me Do It (feat. Chima Anya) (Number Nine Records) £3.99 Add to basket
Mantronix - Needle To The Groove B/W Fresh Is The Word (Get On Down, 45s) £7.99 Add to basket
Miles Bonny - Hello Jesus b/w High Enough (Plane Jane) £7.99 Add to basket
Mo-Matic feat Oxygen - Sureshot (Random Rap Records) 7" £3.99 Add to basket
Paul & The Tall Trees - The Little Bit Of Sunshine/Once In A While (Big Crown) £4.99 Add to basket
The Pharcyde - 4 Better Or 4 Worse (Bicycle) (Red Vinyl 7") £7.99 Add to basket
The Pharcyde – Ya Mama (UK Edition) (Blue Vinyl, Picture Sleeve 7") £7.99 Add to basket
The Shacks - Audrey / Fly Fishing 7" (Big Crown) £6.99Add to basket
Silver Fox - The Buck's Still Here (Hip Hop Be Bop Records) £4.99Add to basket
Special Ed - I Got It Made / Businesslike Version RED VINYL (Get On Down 45 Reissue) £7.99Add to basket
Sunny & The Sunliners - Put Me In Jail b/w Open Up Your Love Door (Big Crown) £6.99Add to basket
Too Short - Blow The Whistle (Get On Down Jukebox) £6.99 Add to basket
Ty - Baby Love (Ah Sh!t) £4.99 Add to basket
Will Sessions - Kindred / Polyester People £5.99 Add to basket
Wu-Tang Clan - Bring Da Ruckus / Shame On (Get On Down) £6.99 Add to basket

Special Offer Albums

Aceyalone - Lighting Strikes (Decon Double Album) £2.99 Add to basket
Boogie Down Productions - Man And His Music (Double Album) £6.99 Add to basket
Cinnamon - Pony Up (Lewis Recordings) £1.99 Add to basket
Dooley-O - I Gotcha (Lewis Recordings) £2.99 Add to basket
Evidence - Green Tapes, Instrumentals (Decon)£4.99 Add to basket
Grieves - Winter & The Wolves, Double LP, Powder Blue Color Vinyl (Rhymesayers Entertainment) £3.99 Add to basket
Mighty Casey - Original Rudebwoy (Lewis Recordings) £2.99 Add to basket
Nobody - One For All Without Hesitation £1.99 Add to basket
Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) - Lord Steppington Instrumentals (Rhymesayers) Double Album + Download Card £5.99 Add to basket
Stig of The Dump - Kubrick (Lewis Recordings) £8.99 Add to basket
Z Trip - All Pro Soundtrack (Deco Double Album) £3.99 Add to basket
Big Fun In The Big Town - Music That Inspired The Cult Film £3.99 Add to basket

Special Offer Compact Discs

Abstract Rude - Rejuvenation (Decon) £1.99 Add to basket
Aceyalone - Accepted Eclectic £3.99 Add to basket
Aceyalone - Leanin' On Slick £4.99 Add to basket
Aceyalone - Magnificent City Accompanied by RJD2 £2.99 Add to basket
Aceyalone - Lightning Strikes £2.99 Add to basket
The Alchemist - Rapper's Best Friend: An Instrumental Series (ALC) £3.99 Add to basket
The Alchemist - Rapper's Best Friend 2: An Instrumental Series (ALC) £3.99 Add to basket
The Alchemist - The Chemistry Files (Alc Records) £3.99 Add to basket
The Alchemist - Rapper's Best Friend: An Instrumental Series (ALC) £3.99 Add to basket
The Alchemist - Rapper's Best Friend 2: An Instrumental Series (ALC) £3.99 Add to basket
Alexander Spit - A Breathtaking Trip to That Otherside (Decon) £1.99 Add to basket
Apple And The Three Oranges - Free And Easy (Now Again) £2.99 Add to basket
Atmosphere (Slug + Ant) - Sad Clown Bad Spring 12 (Rhymesayers) £1.99 Add to basket
Atmosphere (Slug + Ant) - The Family Sign (Rhymesayers) £4.99 Add to basket
Atmosphere (Slug + Ant) - When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (Rhymesayers) £4.99 Add to basket
Atomic Forest - Obsession £4.99 Add to basket
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - The Serpent’s Mouth (Big Crown Records) £4.99 Add to basket
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - 55 (Big Crown) £4.99 Add to basket
Bei Ru - Midnight In Yerevan (Mochilla) £3.99 Add to basket
Big Boi - Big Boi Presents...Got That Purp Vol.1 £4.99 Add to basket
Bilal - Artight's Revenge (Plug) £2.99 Add to basket
BK-One with benzilla - Radio Do Canibal (Rhymesayers) £1.99 Add to basket
Blak Twang - Speaking From Xperience £4.99 Add to basket
Blueprint - Adventures in Counter-Culture (Rhymesayers) £2.99 Add to basket
Brother Ali - The Undisputed Truth (Rhymesayers) £4.99 Add to basket
Brother Ali - Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color (Rhymesayers) £4.99 Add to basket
Cassidy - Best Of £1.99 Add to basket
Classified - Handshakes And Middle Fingers (Decon) £0.99 Add to basket
DJ Cursa - Mix your own kinda music £2.99 Add to basket
Czarface and MF Doom - Czarface Meets Metal Face £5.99 Add to basket
Dagha - The Divorce (Lewis Recordings) £3.99 Add to basket
Damon - Song Of A Gypsy (Now Again) £4.99 Add to basket
Dilated Peoples - The Release Party (DVD Feature Film with Bonus CD) £4.99 Add to basket
Dimlite - Grimm Reality (Now Again) £2.99 Add to basket
Dimlite - Prismic Tops (Now Again) £1.99 Add to basket
Dooley-O - I Gotcha (Lewis Recordings) £1.99 Add to basket
East Of Underground - Hell Below (Now Again, 3xCD Boxset) £4.99 Add to basket
Edan - Echo Party (White Edition) £3.99 Add to basket
El Michels Affair - Return To The 37th Chamber (Big Crown Records) £4.99 Add to basket
Evidence - Green Tape Instrumentals (Decon) £3.99 Add to basket
Fabiano Do Nascimento - Danca Dos Tempos (Now Again) £4.99 Add to basket
Face Candy - Waste Age Teen Land (Rhymesayers) £2.99 Add to basket
Face Candy - This Is Where We Were (Rhymesayers) £1.99 Add to basket
Lee Fields & The Expressions - Special Night (Big Crown) £5.99 Add to basket
Five Deez - Table Noise Vol. 1-3 (Scratch-N-Mixxx Records) £2.99 Add to basket
Freak City - Sounds of Freak City Volume 1 £3.99 Add to basket
Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa Ep £5.99 Add to basket
Freddie Gibbs - Shadow Of A Doubt (Sealed with a cut on the spine) £5.99 Add to basket
Freestyle Fellowship - The Promise £3.99 Add to basket
Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No) - Vodka & Ayahuasca (Decon) £5.99 Add to basket
Ghostface Killah - The Pretty Tony Collection Chapter 2 £4.99 Add to basket
Goapele - Break Of Dawn (Decon) £2.99 Add to basket
Grieves - Winter & The Wolves (Rhymesayers Entertainment) £3.99 Add to basket
Guerilla Black - Black By Popular Demand - The Official Mixtape £4.99 Add to basket
Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Can't Stand The Pressure (Now Again) £4.99 Add to basket
Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Unstraight Ahead (Now Again) £2.99 Add to basket
Heitkotter - Black Orckid (Now Again CD + Booklet) £4.99 Add to basket
The Hood Internet - Feat (Decon) £0.99 Add to basket
I Self Devine - The Sound of Low Class Amerika (Rhymesayers) £2.99 Add to basket
The Jagger Botchway Group - Odze Odze (Cultures Of Soul) £3.99 Add to basket
J Dilla - Ruff Draft: Dilla's Mix (Pay Jay) CD, 2018 Reissue Of 2003 Mix £4.99 Add to basket
J Rock - Some Cold Rock Stuf (Stones Throw) £5.99 Add to basket
Lady Wray - Queen Alone (Big Crown) £4.99 Add to basket
Latyrx (Lateef & Lyrics Born) The Album £3.99 Add to basket
Christophe Lemaire - Where Are You From? (Now Again) £4.99 Add to basket
The Lightmen Plus One - Fancy Pants CD (Now Again) £4.99 Add to basket
Lyrics Born - As U Were (Decon) £3.99 Add to basket
Lyrics Born - Quite A Life (Decon) £4.99 Add to basket
Madlib - Medicine Show Vol 9 - Channel 85 Presents Nittyville £5.99 Add to basket
Timothy McNealy - Funky Movement CD (Now Again) £4.99 Add to basket
Moka Only - Lowdown Suite 2 The Box £3.99 Add to basket
Mr Chop - Illuminate (Now Again) £3.99 Add to basket
Mr.Dibbs - The 30th Songs £3.99 Add to basket
Musi-O-Tunya - Give Love To Your Children (Now Again) £3.99 Add to basket
Shirley Nanette - Never Coming Back (Truth & Soul) £2.99 Add to basket
New World Generation - New World Generation 2 x CD (Now Again) £3.99 Add to basket
Nneka - Soul Is Heavy (Decon) £2.99 Add to basket
Notes To Self - Target Market (Decon) £1.99 Add to basket
Nottz - You Need This Music £3.99 Add to basket
Oh No - Oh No Versus Now-Again Two (Now Again) £2.99 Add to basket
Okonkolo - Cantos (Big Crown) £2.99 Add to basket
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Old Money (Stones Throw) £3.99 Add to basket
James Pants - Welcome £2.99 Add to basket
James Pants - Seven Seals £2.99 Add to basket
Paternoster - Die Ersten Tage (Now Again Repress) £6.99 Add to basket
Frankie Paul - Respect £2.99 Add to basket
Paul & The Tall Trees - Our Love In The Light (Big Crown Records) £4.99 Add to basket
Peanut Butter Wolf - 2K8 B-Ball Zombie War (Stones Throw) £2.99 Add to basket
P.O.S - Audition (Rhymesayers) £4.99 Add to basket
P.O.S - We Don't Even Live Here (Rhymesayers) £4.99 Add to basket
P.O.S - Ipecac Neat (Rhymesayers) £4.99 Add to basket
Connie Price & The Keystones - Wildflowers (Now Again) £3.99 Add to basket
Psalm One - The Death Of Frequent Flyer (Rhymesayers) £1.99 Add to basket
Pusha T - Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray £3.99 Add to basket
Regional Garland - Mixed Sugar - The Complete Works, 1970 - 1987 (Def Jam) £2.99 Add to basket
RJD2 - Magnificient City Instrumentals £2.99 Add to basket
Savath Y Savalas - La Llama £3.99 Add to basket
79.5 - Predictions (Big Crown Records) £4.99 Add to basket
The Shacks - Haze 2 x CD (Big Crown Records) £4.99 Add to basket
MC Shan - Q.B. O.G. The Best Of (Cold Chillin') £2.99 Add to basket
Slug, Murs, Aesop Rock - Felt 3, A Tribute To Rosie Perez (Rhymesayers) £3.99 Add to basket
Son Of Sam - Cinder Hill (Tea Sea Records) £4.99 Add to basket
Stig of The Dump - Kubrick (Lewis Recordings) £4.99 Add to basket
Stig Of The Dump - Cannon Fodder EP (Lewis Recordings) £2.99 Add to basket
Sunny & The Sunliners - Smile Now... Cry Later (Big Crown) £4.99 Add to basket
Sunny & The Sunliners - Mr. Brown Eyed Soul (Big Crown) £4.99 Add to basket
Telemachus - In Morocco (YNR) £5.99 Add to basket
Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen - Country Fried Chicken (Now-Again Records) - Bonus Track Incl. £3.99 Add to basket
Andrew Thompson - There Must Be Some Kind Of Misunderstanding/Idiot CD Single (Lewis Recordings) 10p Add to basket
Andrew Thompson - I'm Not Likely To Change (Lewis Recordings) £1.99 Add to basket
Tropicaza - A Mover El Bote (Mochilla) £2.99 Add to basket
The Uncluded (Aesop Rock & Kimya Dawson) - Hokey Fright (Rhymesayers) £3.99 Add to basket
Wah Wah Watson - Elementary (Get On Down) £2.99 Add to basket
Wan Cee - The Secret Diary Of £3.99 Add to basket
Paul White - and the Purple Brain £4.99 Add to basket
Witch - Movin' On & Kuomboka (Now Again) £4.99 Add to basket
Z Trip - All Pro Soundtrack (Decon) £3.99 Add to basket
Calicomm 2004 CD + DVD (Decon Comp) £1.99 Add to basket
Closed Sessions: ATX featuring Freddie Gibbs, GLC, Rhymefest, Fashawn and more (Decon Comp) £1.99 Add to basket
Hip Hop Connection presents Recognition 20 Years of fire-starting anthems feat Roots Manuva, Demon Boyz, Blak Twang, Jehst, Skinnyman and more... £2.99 Add to basket

Special Offer DVDs, Books and Magazines

 Back In The Days (Hardcover)
Photographs by Jamel Shabazz - Hardback

£14.99 Add to basket

B-Boy Championships: From Bronx to Brixton (Book)

£2.99 Add to basket

B-Boy Championships: From Bronx to Brixton claims to be the first comprehensive and fully-illustrated book on the world of b-boy, by the man who founded and organises the B-Boy Championships, DJ Hooch.
The book has 192 pages and features over 100 full-colour images from 15 years of the competition and showcases the moves, styles, battles and crews that have taken the world by storm over the years.

From the Platform: Subway Graffiti, 1983-1989 (Hardback) by Paul Cavalieri

£14.99 Add to basket

See the New York City transit system at a time the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has tried hard to forget. In the early '80s, graffiti writer Paul Cavalieri, who writes CAVS, was drawn to the colorful tags on trains. He started learning train schedules so he could snap works by many writers of the time. This is a compilation of subway graffiti from 1983 to 1989, when the MTA announced that its fleet was entirely graffiti-free. More than 325 color photos capture everything from motion-bombed train interiors riddled with pilot marker tags to epic works covering whole exteriors, top to bottom. Artists tell their tales of adventure throughout and reminisce about working on live third rails, navigating the complex subway system to find their works, and witnessing graffiti's gradual disappearance from the trains. This book presents a nostalgic look at 1980s New York City and the street artists that gave it soul.

 Graffiti Kings Jack Stewart

Add to basket

This rare, first-hand account of the birth of the New York subway graffiti movement during the 1970s is the first and only graffiti book to reveal what happened behind the scenes when writers put their lives on the line to grab a scrap of fame from a faceless urban landscape. Through personal interviews and over 275 full-color, unpublished photographs, the colourful origins of subway graffiti are brought to life.Legends such as Taki 183, Bama 1, Phase 2, and CoCo 144 - as well as the city officials who saw the writers as public menaces and their art as vandalism - give accounts of every-day struggles, each full of new advancements, excitement and risk. Alongside archival photographs of everything from vibrant bubble-letter and 3-D pieces to the Holy Grail, are maps, images and ephemera that help fill out this story. A celebration in words and pictures of graffiti's Golden Age, "Graffiti Kings" is a book sure to be coveted by those fascinated and inspired by this uniquely American urban art form.w

Tag Town: The Origins of Writing by Martha Cooper (107 pages Paperback Book)

£8.99 Add to basket

Every graffiti writer began his or her writing career with a tag. For those who learn to read tags, a world of aesthetic expression and communication opens up. Tags are a universal language - the jazz of lettering. The photos in Tag Town, dating back to the 1960s, introduce us to the origins of New York style graffiti, containing rare photos of work on the street by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf. Accompanying text is based on interviews with New York graffiti pioneers Blade, Part I and Snake I.

Book of Stones Throw illustrations by Munguni

£3.99 Add to basket

Book of illustrations by Munguni.
Munguni draws Stones Throw artists. The book is 100 pages, full color, paperback. The size is 5x8 inches. Layout by Alima Jennings.

Coconut Unlimited by Nikesh Shukla (Paperback Book)

£2.99 Add to basket

Synopsis: It's Harrow in the 1990s, and Amit, Anand and Nishant are stuck. Their peers think they're a bunch of try-hard 'darkies', acting street and pretending to be cool, while their community thinks they're rich toffs, a long way from the 'real' Asians in Southall. So, to keep it real, they form legendary hip-hop band 'Coconut Unlimited'. Pity they can't rap. From struggling to find records in the suburbs and rehearsing on rubbish equipment, to evading the clutches of disapproving parents and real life drug-dealing gangsters, Coconut Unlimited documents every teenage boy's dream and the motivations behind it: being in a band to look pretty cool - oh, and get girls...

Bonafide Issue 11 - Young Fathers b/w Disclosure

£1.99 Add to basket

Bonafide magazine issue 11 features a double cover of two of the country's most exciting and increasingly revered contemporary pop artists, Disclosure and Young Fathers.

Issue 11 features:
Young Fathers
Tyler, The Creator
Armand Van Helden
London's soul jazz renaissance with 22a
Kind Midas Sound
Roisin Murphy
John Talabot
DJ Koze

Ramson Badbonez & DJ Fingerfood - Hypnodic (High Focus)

K7 £7.99 Add to basket

El Michels Affair - Return To The 37th Chamber (Big Crown Records)

K7 £7.99 Add to basket

Limited Edition Cassette

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (updated): The History of the Disc Jockey: 100 Years of the Disc Jockey by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton (Paperback)

£4.99 Add to basket

To celebrate 100 years of DJing, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton have expanded and updated their classic account of the history of the disc jockey.
The DJ was born on Christmas Eve, 1906 when Reginald Fessenden became the first person to play a record over the radio. A century later and the DJ is the central figure in popular music. From these humble 'talking jukebox' origins to today's DJ superstars earning rock star salaries with a fanbase to match, the history of the DJ is fascinating and unpredictable. The story of these unlikely cultural icons takes the reader through the swinging sixties, through the sequinned revolution that was disco, via hip hop and house to mass-market global domination.

Mass Appeal Issue 52 Cover: Earl Sweatshirt & Blake Anderson
Add to basket

A$AP Mob Family Tree Anatomy of a rap mafia.
Pinball Wizards Bumper to bumper fun for everyone.
Bun B's Coloring Book Big kids don't play.
Hang Loose Hang 10 with California's Wavves.
The Bombing of a Theme Park Painting in the middle of nowhere with TRUSTO CORP.
Ebony & Ivory Earl Sweatshirt and Blake Anderson get open and open up.
That Nasty Hand Handwriting Analysis: A new book breaks down the writing on the wall.
ICE CREAM Skate Team Rock the fly shit! Going Pro Working girls show you how they live Reas' Masterpieces Fine artist Todd James talks life and crappy manual labor jobs. Heavyweights Action Bronson and MR MFN eXquire.
Henry Chalfant's Big Subway Archive
Ask The Mushroom Jason Goldwatch gets deep with nature.
Barrier Kult Satanic Skaters.
The World Is Your Billboard Streets assassins Pixote + Sabio might just roll up on you.
Red Dawn A Blood's take on gang life. The Ups Man Easy gets up and truly delivers.
Cool Calm Collecting... SSUR is a brand that didn't just come out of nowhere.
The Colossal Perspective Sky High Visions.

Mass Appeal Issue 53 Cover: Mac Miller & ScHoolBoy Q
Add to basket

With a foundation in creative instigation, Mass Appeal was spawned from the tattooed walls and ink stained subways of a now bygone era. Founded in 1996, what began as a graffiti zine evolved into much more; a collectible publication truly by and for opinion lead- ers, trendsetters, risk takers and rule breakers. With a rich heritage in hip hop culture, Mass Appeal is a nod to the past while discov- ering and championing what's next. With content spanning the worlds of music, art, and style, Mass Appeal continues it's indelible mark on culture. Mass Appeal is a premium, collectible quarterly publication cel- ebrating creative instigation. The summer edition will romance the adventure of getting out there and pushing new boundaries. Featuring Mac Miller and ScHoolBoy Q on the cover, Mass Appeal Issue 53 will showcase Nas is Like, original content from the iconic film Wildstyle, exclusive Watch&Witness photography capturing Detroit's street art, summerBBQs in Brooklyn, a visit to KAWS' studio and more. With over 120 pages of provocative perspective, Mass Appeal looks, feels and reads like an art book.

 Hip Hop Connection 230 January/February 2009 Lil Wayne £2.99 Add to basket

with Abstract Urban CD, NAS, Best of 2008, Immortal Technique

Kings Magazine #1
High & Mighty, Mr Complex, Technics 1200, Free Old School Poster
£0.49 Add to basket

 SHOOK Issue 5, Spring/Summer 2009 £1.99 Add to basket

with Calma, Mr Chop, Omar S, Bobbito +Rich Medina, Hyperdub and more!

 SHOOK MAGAZINE Issue 4 £1.99 Add to basket

Sound System Special - Shaka, Channel One, CoxsoneÉ string up and dance House Shoes - you can take a brotha out of Detroit Cumbiaton Explosion - Toy Selectah and Club Zizek Manchester before the Hacienda - Greg Wilson and the Electro-Funk Bomb Salah Ragab - Exploring the Magic System Paul Beatty - The White Boy Shuffle Clutchy Hopkins - Who Da F#@k is Clutchy Hopkins Raymond Scott - The Name of the Game is Lightworks Saut D'Eau - A Haitian Vodou Story Morning Breath - Cover Me Emory Douglas - The Art of the Black Panthers Bomba: The Ruff Guide to Puerto Rico Jazz Cats: The Harlem School of Jazz plusÉ Q-Tip, D‰m-Funk, Onra, Crazy Couzins, The Invisible, Kaidi Tatham, London Jazz Festival, 45 Love, plus all ya regulars, reviews and raw vibes.

Waxpoetics Issue 52 - Lenny Kravitz + Dam Funk

£3.99 Add to basket

Wax Poetics Issue 52 celebrates the individual.
Lenny Kravitz b/w Dam-Funk.
Features on Betty Wright, Roller Boogie, Gary Bartz, Cody Chesnutt, and Quantic & Alice Russell.
Also in this issue: Georgia Anne Muldrow, Thundercat, Jamire Williams and ERIMAJ, Myron & E, and MeLo-X.

Waxpoetics Issue 58 - Cee Lo Green / Action Bronson

£6.99 Add to basket

It's not about giving the middle finger and saying, Whatever. It's about real talk. As Cee Lo says in our cover story, I despise the notion of whatever. Mr. Green has something to say. He's not the character he portrays on TV. And he's not superficially enamored with an industry run by atheists so he must find a balance of being a superstar in the spotlight and a human being in the shadows of introspection.
Up-and-coming rapper Action Bronson doesn't front about his occupation, doesn't try to sugarcoat his story. The former chef is just a regular guy with a knack for rhyme and storytelling. He doesn't hesitate to tell us that he's thankful and that music is something he takes very seriously.
While the music industry has always been filled with big personalities, it's especially refreshing to hear from outspoken artists who, as big man Aaron Neville said, tell it like it is. In the 1970s, Ron Isley and his band of brothers weren't afraid to put a fist in the air and scream, Fight the power! while Brian Jackson and Gil Scott-Heron used their music and words to speak the truth in turbulent times. As two soul artists without a f**king filter, Millie Jackson and Swamp Dogg have made their living putting their uncut thoughts to tape. And Philly soul architect Thom Bell opens up about his weighty contributions to a genre and a business, and Detroit singer Freda Payne shares her personal feelings about her own twists of fate. Finally, Queens rapper Kool G Rap is never afraid to state that he influenced every great rapper of our generation. Don't fear the truth.
Contents: Cee Lo Green, Action Bronson, Ron Isley, Thom Bell, Millie Jackson, Kool G Rap, Swamp Dogg, Brian Jackson, Freda Payne, K-Maxx, Chicano Batman, KING, Leyla McCalla

Tommy Boy
Greatest Beats Video Reel Features Stetsasonic, De La Soul,Afrika Bambaataa, House Of Pain
£3.99 Add to basket

Secondhand Sureshots DVD + CD

£3.99 Add to basket
DVD Secondhand Sureshots the film + CD Original music by Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G, plus a megamix by Kutmah

N-Sign Radio

Best Of Night Network Vol. 2 (feat LL Cool J, Erick B & Rakim, The Uptown Crew, Whodini, Salt N Pepper, Whistle, Kool Moe Dee, Heavy D, Mantronix, Bomb The Bass, Jazzy Jeff, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, DJ Cassh Money Interview)

£3.99 Add to basket

Hate Your Moms Loved The Videos Vol. 3

features Jeru, Ultramagnetics MC's, 3rd Bass, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, GZA, Crooklyn Doggers, KRS One and many more

£3.99 Add to basket

Hate Your Moms Loved The Videos Vol.1
Classic rap videos from Diamond D, Jeru, Casual, Kurious, Black Moon, Common and more!
£3.99 Add to basket

Hate Your Moms Loved The Videos Vol.2
Classic rap videos from O.C., Main Source. Common, Mobb Deep, Del, Show & AG and more!
£3.99 Add to basket

Michael Holman's
Hip Hop Old School Volume 1 Features Super Rare Footage From Zulu Nation Party Throw Downs, N.Y.C. Hip Hop Night Clubs, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Jazzy Jay, The Cold Crush Brothers, Fab 5 Freddy.
£3.99 Add to basket

Michael Holman's
Hip Hop Old School Volume II Features Super Rare Footage From Zulu Nation Party Throw Downs, N.Y.C. Hip Hop Night Clubs, Run DMC, Treacherous 3, Doug E Fresh, Grand Mixer D.S.T.
£3.99 Add to basket

Dooley-O Presents Graffiti Television #9
Features Live Bombing, Freight Painting, Under Prssure Jam In Montreal and "Headbanger's Ball" Dooley-O Music Video
£2.99 Add to basket

Awol One And Thanksgiving Brown - Present: Culturama 777 - Audiovisual Bombshelter Vol 3 DVD

£4.99 Add to basket
This DVD compilation features full-length independent hip-hop music videos from GZA & DJ Muggs, Jean Grae, Zion I, Self Scientific, Awol One, Substance Abuse/feat. Kool Kieth, 2Mex & Busdriver, Prince Paul & Dante Ross, LMNO, Peanut Butter Wolf & Stones Throw Singers, LA Symphony, Time Machine, Dooley O, One Block Radius, Tanya Morgan, Blue Collar, The VJC, Pismo, and Evil. AUDIOVISUAL BOMBSHELTER is the multi media label masterminded and controled by AWOL-One of the Shapeshifters. The label's goal is to release hiphop dvd projects that seek to expose the world to the underground culture.

Culturama 666

features Shapeshifters, Dangermouse & Cee-Lo, Subtle, High N Mighty, Visionaries, Josh Martinez, Abstract Rude, Busdriver, Mighty Casey, Opio and many more

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