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 The Rap Pack Trading Cards - Wax Packs Premier Cards


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Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels Tote Bag & Gold Pin Set

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El-P and Killer Mike continue to push their unique content game with this extra special package for record store day. Not only do you get a lush 8-screen printed tote bag and gold pin set of their “gun fingers” and fist logo but you get a download of their augmented reality app which does magical things when you point your device at the bag and gives you access to some magical exclusive content.

The Shacks - Haze, SIGNED Poster A3

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The Shacks — equal parts Max Shrager and Shannon Wise singing in her soft whispered voice — sound like they’re playing alone with nobody watching. This dreamy, voyeuristic sound was born in a Queens, NY studio in 2014. And while they describe themselves as a rock band, don’t expect the conventional kind. This poster represents their debut album "Haze"

Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx - 20th Anniversary Purple Tape Watch Box

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In collaboration with Raekwon we present the 20th Anniversary Only Built 4 Cuban Linx "Purple Tape Watch Box" deluxe reissue on cassette.
- 20th Anniversary edition released in collaboration with Raekwon, who designed the set's look & feel
- A Purple Cassette of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is housed in a premium, "Watch Box" display case with white stitching, an embossed silver-on-black Raekwon logo, and a "The Purple Tape" silver placard on front
- Full color outer box with wrap-around original cover artwork - Cassette only: repressing of the original famed "Purple Tape," with full audio from 1995 album
- 118-page hardcover book, featuring lyrics to all songs and liner notes by Chris Faraone and Raekwon, plus photos and other visuals pertaining to album's 1995 release
- Only 1,995 copies available worldwide for this 2015 Anniversary pressing
Hip-hop fans who will salivate at this reissue likely already know some of the backstory: in 1995, worldwide Wu-Tang frenzy was at an all-time high. First, of course, there had been the Wu-Tang's epic 1993 debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), which changed the shape of hip-hop to come, with ripples that still resonate today. Then the solo albums, all produced by Wu patriarch RZA: first was Method ManÕs Tical (late 1994), then Ol' Dirty Bastard's Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (spring 1995).
By the time Raekwon's debut was ready, fans were knocking each other over on album release day. And so, on August 1, 1995 as the legend goes, the first 10,000 cassette buyers ran home and opened their plastic cases to discover that the tape itself was an unexpected, stunning shade of lavender.
The rest, as they say, is historyÉ and limited-edition history at that. After the initial purple versions, RCA Records switched to the usual clear plastic to house the legendary tape. The Purple Tape became an instant collector's item, a Holy Grail for Wu-Tang disciples, coveted by those who could claim to be the earliest devotees of Raekwon's lyrical genius. The album is still called "The Purple Tape" to this day, by Raekwon and other Wu-Tang members.
Colors aside, though, letÕs not forget the album itself. Backed by arguably RZA's most wide-ranging, hard-hitting and at-times lush beats on any Wu-Tang family album before or since, Raekwon and co-MC Ghost Face Killer run the lyrical gamut, introducing "Wu-Gambinos" slang, dishing out "Ice Cream", and melting "Glaciers of Ice" along the way to influencing just about every MC who followed in their wake.
Beyond Ghost Face (who shines on 12 out of the album's 17 tracks), guest appearances from Nas, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Master Killa, RZA and the debut of Cappadonna (aka Cappachino) locked the album as an undisputed classic. ItÕs a record that hit hard in 1995 and continues to resonate with new fans to this day.
As Raekwon explained in the original "Purple Tape Cassette Box" liner notes book (and in Brian Coleman's Check the Technique Volume 2): "A lot of rappers wasn't being creative [at that time] and we came with a potion that just shocked the game. We introduced shoes, we brought about different names and aliases. That record inspired maybe 95% of the game's lyrics [afterwards], and integrity on just making music, period. People from our era know how real it is. It's timeless."
20 years later, celebrate the majesty of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx with Get On Down's "Purple Tape Watch Box," a release you are sure to proudly display in your collection for decades to come.

Stones Throw Tote Bag

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14" x 16" canvas tote bag in black with the Stones Throw logo.
Examples of the kinds of things that could fit in here: Short stack of records. Doom's mask. Yesterday's clothes. Small to mid-sized snake. Headphones. A human skull.

Big Crown Tote Bag

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Perfect for records, perfect for shopping, perfect for the beach. Represent.

Thud Rumble - Butter Rugs 7" Slipmats

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The revolutionary slipmat design by Q-Bert. Q-Bert has done away from the traditional felt mat, and replaced it with a thin synthetic fiber fused onto a thin plastic layer. Lightweight and super-smooth, these mats produce little friction while offering the grip you need for scratching and back-cueing. Recommended.
- comes as a pair
- super slick, thin construction

- designed for scratching & back-cueing

The J Dilla Turntable - NOW IN STOCK!

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Contains an exclusive 7-inch single: J Dilla “The Sickness” feat. Nas, produced by Madlib. Vocal b/w Instrumental. Only available in this package.
An official product of the Estate of James Yancey.

This turntable was designed to be portable, but functions as a stand-alone record player and can plug into any stereo system that accepts an RCA jack or a USB input. It also allows you to record music directly into your computer (transcription software disc included in package). It also contains a 1/8? headphone jack and dynamic, full range stereo speakers. It comes with a replacement stylus and a 45 adaptor.

Artwork by Mason London.

3 speed turntable (33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM)
USB and RCA Outputs
1.8" Headphone Jack
Stereo Speakers
Contains 45 adapter and replacement stylus
Transcription software disc included in package

KMD - Bl_ck B_st_rds

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Limited to 2500.

Near Mint - 360 Vinyl Cleaning Solution

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"There's always records to clean"
Developed in the UK by DJ's, Record Collectors & Vinyl Enthusiasts.
Near Mint has been specially blended to make sure your vinyl is cleaned to the highest standard. Using a greater percentage of integral ingredients and purified chemicals, Near Mint can offer the best results in cleanliness, ensuring no residue remains on your record.
Near Mint is the most effective, chemically balanced & hard hitting record cleaning solution on the market to date boasting a double strength attitude.

Near Mint - Microfibre Cloth

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100% Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.
To be used alongside Near Mint - 360 Vinyl Cleaning Solution.
Machine washable.

Martha Cooper: Postcards from New York City

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Martha Cooper offers 16 postcards of her very own New York. With her trusty Nikon, she has documented memorable moments in her beloved New York, from the 70s to the present. She was there when the town was bankrupt and the crime rate high, and had a front seat as graffiti and Hip Hop culture developed and Keith Haring began his career on the city streets. She remains in a gentrified New York, post-9/11 with the same love for the city, its culture and its people. Every picture says more than a thousand words, and Martha Cooper: Postcards from New York City is a journey through time, the development of street culture and the city's soul. The cards have been carefully selected from Cooper's thousands of pictures. Some come from her famous books, others are previously unpublished.

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded 7 Singles Boxset

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One of the most influential and original albums in music history: Criminal Minded by Boogie Down Productions in a never before released form. One of the most legendary releases in the history of music is now available as a unique and collectable 7" box set. The entire original album is included across five 45s, housed in a durable box lined with two versions of the B-Boy Records logo. Each 45 is enclosed in a mini replica of the B-Boy 12" jacket. A true classic, Criminal Minded was included in Vibe Magazine's 100 Essential Albums of the 20th century. KRS-ONE's combination of street slang and Webster's dictionary knowledge backed by Scott La Rock s hard hitting, minimal beats helped set this album apart when it was originally released in 1986. With this now-classic debut album, BDP's hardcore stylings helped to redefine the New York rap music scene. Criminal Minded elevated the standards and proved that rap could be a dynamic and consciousness-raising medium. Since its release, KRS-ONE has gone on to become one of the most prolific and critically-acclaimed artists in Hip Hop history. This deluxe 7 inch box set is a new chapter in the storied history of one of recorded music s genuine treasures, Criminal Minded. Record 1: Side A: Poetry Side B: South Bronx Record 2: Side A: 9mm Goes Bang Side B: Word From Our Sponsor Record 3: Side A: Elementary Side B: Dope Beat Record 4: Side A: Remix For P Is Free Side B: The Bridge Is Over Record 5: Side A: Super-Hoe Side B: Criminal Minded

 Yo! MTV Raps Trading Cards (Pack Of 10) (Series 1)


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 Yo! MTV Raps Trading Cards (Pack Of 10) (Series 2)


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  Pro Set Super Stars MusiCards Pack (10 Hot Photocards)


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Vinyl Solution Record Cleaning Spray

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'Peace' Graffiti In New York's East Village Christmas Card with Envelope

Photograph by Konstantino Hatzisarros

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NY Subway 1988 Greetings Card with Envelope

Photograph by Jeff Prant

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 Cruch City 2000 Post Card

Photograph by Genevieve Hafner

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45 Adapters - Glow In The Dark - Get On Down - DJ Equipment

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From the creative labs @ Get On Down, here's the world's first ever glow-in-the-dark 45 adapter cones !
The cone shape of the adapters allow for ease of placement of your 45's on the platter of your turntable. Activate the glowing feature by charging the adapters under a light source for a few minutes prior to use. The cones will glow green for an extended period of time under normal use. The phosphorescent properties of the cones will also glow brightly under black lights in a club setting.
For a product demo, please visit our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmUDcYmdNBw

Just-Ice - Back To The Old School Jigsaw Puzzle

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Just-Ice "Back To The Old School", considered by many to be a solidified classic, is honored in this special one-of-a-kind 100 piece puzzle.
Puzzlers will recall some of their favorite Just-Ice tunes as they piece together this collectible part of Fresh Records history.

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded Jigsaw Puzzle - In Stock !!

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Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded", considered by many to be a solidified classic, is honored in this special one-of-a-kind 100 piece puzzle.
Puzzlers will recall some of their favorite BDP tunes as they piece together this collectible part of B-Boy Records history.

Kool G Rap - Live & Let Die Jigsaw Puzzle - In Stock !!

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Kool G. Rap & D.J. Polo "Live And Let Die", considered by many to be a solidified classic, is honored in this special one-of-a-kind 100 piece puzzle.
Puzzlers will recall some of their favorite Kool G. Rap & D.J. Polo tunes as they piece together this collectible part of Cold Chillin' Records history.

Puma Ed Dre Clyde Yo MTV Raps - Size UK 10 / US 11 / EUR 44.5

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Very limited Ed & Dre Puma Yo MTV ! White - Lime Green - Beetroot Purple Brand New in the Box, and the box is signed by Ed Lover !

MF Doom - Operation: Doomsday (Expanded Edition Boxset)

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Remastered and Expanded 42 Track 2CD Set, Alternate Versions, B-Sides, Rare Originals and Instrumentals, 32-Page Lyric Book, Doomsday MCs Card Set, Unique Limited Metal Box Packaging.
Check out the whole content on here: http://www.youtube.com/user/getondowntv
Operation: Doomsday has floated in and out of print since its original 199 pressing on famed New York label Fondle 'Em, attaining mythical status amongst underground fans as one of the landmark releases of the decade, showcasing
MF Doom's abstract wordplay, pointed wit, subtly subversive lyrics and alcohol drenched stream-of-consciousness flows over adventurous sample-based production. The album's impact steadily grew to alter the landscape of hip hop as it was then known, and its periodic cycles of unavailabilty seem only to have enhanced its mythical status.
This new version presents it as a remastered and expanded double-disc set, featuring a 32-page lyric book plus 23 alternate versions, b-sides, instrumentals and acapellas, packaged in a 7" x 8" x 4" lunchbox tin, with handle and snap-lock clasp.
San Francisco-based artist Jason Jagel, who provided the incredible painting for Doom's MMÉFOOD album, was enlisted to create both an updated version of the album's original iconic (copyright-infringing) comic-book artwork to cover the whole box, along with a sealed pack of Doomsday MCs trading cards, featuring MF Doom, Kurious, and others - 10 in total, one for each character featured on the album. Still as bold, creative and villainous as it was 12 years ago, only now it's louder and longer, you won't need a headful of chaos to figure out the lyrics or a bag to carry it home in, and you'll be the envy of your homies every time you get your sandwiches out.

Hip Hop Pencils !!!

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Frosted Butter Rugs by DJ Q BERT

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Q Bert - Trip Mats

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