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Khruangbin - LateNightTales (LateNightTales)

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Hot on the heels of ‘Mordechai’, the critically acclaimed third album from US psych-rockers Khruangbin, the Texas trio are set to become the latest act to present their own LateNightTales in the popular, long-running musician-curated album series.

The LateNightTales series was established back in 2001 with Fila Brazilia taking to the controls and mixing up the first of what would continue to be the first choice of music connoisseurs worldwide. Since then, the series has seen releases from the likes of The Flaming Lips, Hot Chip, Floating Points, David Holmes, Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Röyksopp and many more.

Track listing:
Side 1 1. Devadip Carlos Santana & Turiya Alice Coltrane - "Illuminations" 2. Brilliantes Del Veulo - "I Know That (When The Spring Time Comes)" 3. Nazia Hassan - "Khushi" 4. Kelly Doyle - "DRM" 5. Sanullim - "Don't Go" 6. Maxwell Udoh - "I Like It (Don't Stop)" 7. David Marez - "Ensename" 8. Gerald Lee - "Can You Feel The Love" (reprise)
Side 2 1. Justine & The Victorian Punks - "Still You" 2. George Yanagi & Nadja Band - "Track 10" 3. Pesnyar - "Zacharovannaya Moya" 4. Khruangbin - "Summer Madness" (Exclusive Cover version) 5. Paloma San Basilio - "Contigo" 6. Roha Band - "Yetikimt Abeba" 7. Tierney Malone & Geoffrey Muller - "Transmission For Jehn: Gnossienne No 1" (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

Pete Rock & The Soul Brothers - PeteStrumentals 3 (Tru Soul Records)

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For the third installment of his PeteStrumentals series, producer Pete Rock takes a departure from the sample-heavy style that has earned him recognition as a living Hip-Hop legend. This twelve-track project is instead a collection of beats crafted by the producer, then reimagined byhis stellar band, The Soul Brothers -drummer Daru Jones (Jack White), keyboardist BigYuki, bassist MonoNeon (Prince), guitarist Marcus Machado and vocalist Jermaine Holmes (D'Angelo); all critically acclaimed musicians in their own rights. After performing together across Manhattan, cementing their creative bond, Pete Rock & The Soul Brothers combined their individual musical influences and experiences to craft a smooth sonic experience that is truly the sum of all of its stylistic and instrumental parts.

Kid Acne - Fresh To Death

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Neon pink cassete - Signed + numbered - Limited edition of 150

The FRESH TO DEATH (Remix EP) is out now on limited edition cassette featuring production from UK soundscape mavericks; HASHFINGER, THEORIST, CHEMO, KING KASHMERE, NORM ODDITY, PERCY FILTH + NAPPA, as well as guest vocals from the great and powerful JUGA-NAUT + JUICE ALEEM.

Kid Acne is a UK-based artist, illustrator and emcee. His formative years were spent writing graffiti, self-publishing fanzines and making experimental hip-hop – invariably designing and printing the record sleeves by hand. His images have adorned products for some of the world’s leading brands, while the man himself continues to paint epic slogans in the back–streets of South Yorkshire.


1 STAND TALL / STAY GOLDEN - Hashfinger Remix
2 OTE FOR NOT (feat. Juga-Naut) - Theorist Remix
4 BUBBLEGOOSE EMPIRE - King Kashmere Remix
5 YOU GET WHAT YOU'RE GIVEN - Norm Oddity Remix
6 IT IS WHAT IT IS (feat. Juice Aleem) - Percy Filth Remix
7 NICE WITH IT - Nappa Remixs


Blu & Exile - Miles (Dirty Sounds) Double Cassette

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2020 marks eight years since Blu & Exile's last full length album 'Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them'. Now in an effort to make up for lost time, the dynamic duo are back to drop the double album 'Miles: From An Interlude Called Life' ('Miles' for short). Released through Dirty Science Records, the album includes features from Blu‘s childhood friend and now platinum recording artist Miguel, Exile’s childhood friend Aloe Blacc, Dirty Science alum Fashawn, along with several emerging artists like The Last, Artful Dodger, Choosey, Iman Omari, and more!

'Miles' is slated for an July 17th release (coincidentally the same day as their lauded debut 'Below The Heavens'). “We planted the seeds of creativity and grew about 40 plants,” Exile says of the release. “We picked the ones that we thought were the best for an album, but that didn’t mean that the other flowers weren’t beautiful.”

Blu & Exile are ready prove they haven’t missed a beat, as their undeniable chemistry is yet again put on display.

Stretch And Bobbito + The M19s Band - No Requests, Cassette (Uprising Music)

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Stretch and Bobbito’s debut album No Requests explores the legendary club DJs’ vast musical knowledge with covers of songs directly from their record crates!

Featuring the M19s Band, a live band of elite hand-picked musicians, the gatekeepers of ‘90s Hip Hop step outside their foundational genre base to produce Latin, Afro-beat, Samba, Jazz, Reggae, and Soul reinterpretations of dance floor bangers—ranging from popular to rare and obscure—which loosely depart expected structure and create new nuances to familiar tunes. The group also offers original compositions along the sonic journey. All tracks have one goal in mind: GROOVE!


1 Anna From Woohside (Beat Suite)
2 Voices Inside My Head
3 Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
4 Festival Song (Bam Bam)
5 Magnificent Dance Feat. Rich Medina
6 Que Se Sepa Feat. Jose Parlį*, Mireya Ramos
7 The Mexican Feat Mireya Ramos
8 I Know You, I Live You (Edit) Feat. Maimouna Youssef
9 If You Really Love Me
10 Baby I'm Scared Of You

Prince Paul - Itstrumental (Female Fun)

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1st time limited Cassette pressing, 'Goldenrod' colored Cassette, limited to 100!

For the first time Prince Paul's cult-classic 2005 album Itstrumental is seeing a proper commercial reissue on the original imprint of release Female Fun Records. This also marks Female Fun's first release in over a decade. (Original street-date May 10th, 2005). Bringing aboard likeminded collaborators of the past, Itstrumental plays out like a party of hilarity and hotness born from Prince Paul’s Long Island studio. Black Italiano The Popmaster is praised over a harmonious backdrop on "My Friend The Popmaster". Steinski provides lessons in picking up girls on "Flattery", while MC Paul Barman pleads for the redemption of a failed relationship on the haunting "The Night My Girlfriend Left Me". From the rugged, dancehall bop of "The Boston Top" (an ode to donuts) to the inventive "And The Winner Is?" a hypnotic piece that finds the Prince playing all instruments (drums, electric guitar, keys and more) and re-sampling them into one strong composition.

With the MVA (Mental Victims Unit) of the New York City Police Department hot on his trails throughout the release, Paul drops one crazy beat after another, only to further solidify his position in hip-hop as one of the sickest, most vital producers still thriving. This is Paul’s first true go around at creating an instrumental album, and it never fails to keep all corners of interest in the listeners mind awake and aware that they’re witnessing something, very special.

The sample-driven collage-project distinctive to only how Prince Paul can do - was met with both critical acclaim and retail success upon original release. In the vein of of Prince Paul's solo debut Psychoanalysis (What Is It ?) the follow-up Itstrumental melded an array of guest vocalists/appearances over the devastating Prince Paul's undeniably great instrumentals/beats.

To refresh collectors memories, what made Itstrumental so unique is that it's songs were culled specifically by Paul from an assortment of analog samplers used throughout the course of his career. Dating back to the 1980's through the early 2000's - which means otherwise unused compositions and tracks from the days of Stetsasonic, De La Soul, Gravediggaz, Prince Upon Thieves, and more. It's a virtual catalog of beat-making techniques sewn together in classic concept album style.

Burgundy Blood Meets Mongrels - …In The Pop Wilderness, Colored Cassette (Invisible Spies)

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When MONGRELS first ventured across the rugged Pennines landscape, through Snake Pass and into the Pop Wilderness, little did they know a chance encounter would change their lives forever. Stood in the centre of a stone circle, the silhouette of a man appeared under the full moon. Dressed in a flannel Champion bathrobe and welcoming them with open arms, it was none other than their long lost relative, BURGUNDY BLOOD. He was indeed ‘the brother from another mother’ whom they had heard so much about. Although no words were exchanged, he looked upon them knowingly. After a short ritual display of lunar worship, the enigmatic figure disappeared into the night leaving only a mysterious cassette behind. The tape was simply labeled ‘IN THE POP WILDERNESS’. The master copy has now been verified as 100% dope and has been duplicated 100 times for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Danny Akalepse - Impressions of Impressions Cassette (Big Crown)

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Limited Edition

First up, Big Crown's own Danny Akalepse takes us for a listen to his Impressions of Impressions Part 1 mix, paying tribute to The Impressions with a mix of Soul & Rock covers of their tunes. To celebrate the launch of the podcast we pressed up a limited edition cassette tape of Impressions of Impressions Part 1 and the forthcoming Part 2 (all reggae covers of Impressions tunes). Expect to hear mixes from Big Crown artists as well as a ton of heavy weight DJs and record collectors that we are happy to call friends and colleagues.

Ed O.G - Freedom (5th Union)

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Limited Edition Colored Cassette

Ghostface Killah - Twelve Reasons To Die (Soul Temple)

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Ghostface Killah's 12 Reasons to Die may not be old but it's already consider one of his best releases to date. Many say the project, featuring production from Adrian Younge, is Ghost's best album since Fishscale. So good that it gets a second look and a whole new sound with the Apollo Brown version 12 Reasons to Die: The Brown Tape. Apollo Brown was asked by Soul Temple Records to record an alternate to the Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge album. To date it has only been released as a bonus cassette version (Hence The Brown Tape tag). Keep in mind, the up and coming Detroit producer did not create a remix album, Brown was in fact given access to Ghostface Killah's acapellas and constructed beats around GFK's work. This made the project one of the budding producer's most challenging projects to date. That hard work has paid of as The Brown Tape is also one of Brown's best works to date and certainly an indication of the quality body of work still to come from Apollo Brown.

Ramson Badbonez & DJ Fingerfood - Hypnodic (High Focus)

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El Michels Affair - Return To The 37th Chamber (Big Crown Records)

Cassette £16.99 Add to basket

Limited Edition Cassette

Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto (5th & Union)

Cassette £12.99 Add to basket

25 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Cassette

J-Zone - Fish-N-Grits (Redefinition Records)

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This run of cassettes was pressed by ReDefinition Records to coincide with the vinyl release. 100 pressed total. Clear orange shell with design printed on one side and track listing on the other. Shrink wrapped.

J Dilla - Diary

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J Dilla vocal album featuring Snoop Dogg, Bilal, Kokane; production by Dilla, Madlib, Pete Rock, Hi-tek, Karriem Riggins, among others.

Souls of Mischief - There Is Only Now Instrumentals (Cassette)

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The sixth album from legendary hip-hop group Souls of Mischief, There Is Only Now, is a unique cinematic 90s crime tale of love, loss, and revenge. A conceptual collaboration with producer Adrian Younge and the first release on his freshly launched Linear Labs Records label, There Is Only Now gets its inspiration from a near fatal incident involving group members A-Plus, Opio, Tajai, and Phesto early in their careers. Set in 1994, There Is Only Now serves as a bookend to two decades of music since the release of their seminal debut album, Ō93 Til Infinity.
There Is Only Now sees the Souls of Mischief crew members trading bars with a cast of hip-hop and soul luminaries. Narrated by A Tribe Called Quest member Ali Shaheed MuhammedŃas DJ for fictional local Oakland radio station K-NOWŃthe albumÕs story unfolds under his all-seeing eye. Busta Rhymes makes an appearance as the storyÕs villain, Womack, on ŅWomackÕs Lament,Ó while William Hart of the legendary vocal soul group, The Delfonics, lends his buttery falsetto to the contemplative ŅAnother Side of You.Ó Snoop Dogg drops knowledge on the situation between Stoney and Womack with an ice cold verse on the title track ŅThere Is Only Now,Ó and Scarub from Living Legends goes in on ŅStone Cold.Ó Souls of Mischief and Adrian Younge have created a hip-hop album like no other. The result of a special moment for all involved, There Is Only Now proves that after two decades in the rap game hip-hopÕs Fab Four remains committed to the expansion of their legacy as hip-hop innovators and pioneers.


Stones Throw 102: In Living the True Gods

DVD £9.99 Add to basket

From the surrealist Quasimoto "Bullyshit" animated video to the late J Dilla's last appearance on film in MED's "Push" to the neo-noir animated nightmare of Madvillain's "Monkey Suite," this anthology demonstrates Stones Throw's widening, and never retiring, creative base. A series of bonus features range from an exclusive J Dilla interview from 2003 to a mini-documentary Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf, shot in session on VHS in 1992.

Banksy VS Robbo - Graffiti Wars

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Graffiti Wars explores the creative tension that has surfaced in a recent conflict between graffiti legend King Robbo and media darling street artist Banksy; a spat which has been described as the biggest art rivalry since Picasso and Matisse. In London over the past 18 months the tension between the two camps has played out in a battle of spray cans between freehand graffiti writer King Robbo and the stencil-using street artist Banksy.

Edan - Echo Party DVD - SIGNED BY EDAN

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Comes with free Echo Party Poster !

Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records

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Blu Ray £14.99 Add to basket

This is a feature-length documentary about avant-garde Los Angeles-based record label Stones Throw Records. The film weaves together rare concert footage, never-before-seen archival material, inner-circle home video and photographs and in-depth interviews with the artists who put Stones Throw Records on the map. It gives an exclusive look into the label's left-of-center artists, history, culture, and global following.

Wild Style DVD - 25th Anniversary Edition

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A movie whose influence cannot be under-estimated and hailed as the most inspirational hip-hop of movie of all time, Wild Style captures the birth of an underground hip-hop scene about to explode around the world changing the face of music, fashion, art and a way of life forever. Following street artist Zorro (played by legendary subway artist Lee Quinones) and his crew as they journey through the streets, projects and train yards of New York, keeping one step ahead of the cops and their rivals, the film climaxes in one of the most famous hip-hop concerts in history. Featuring the pioneers at the forefront of a cultural revolution including DJs, rappers and breakers such as Grand Master Flash, The Chief Rocker Busy Bee, Fab Five Freddy, The Rock Steady Crew, and The Cold Crush Bros., Wild Style is the greatest hip-hop movie of all time.

Dilated Peoples (Evidence + Rakaa Iriscience + Babu): The Release Party DVD + Bonus CD

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DVD includes:
90 minute feature film
Live concert
Music videos
Bonus Content Bonus CD includes: Single 'Spit It Clearly

Beastie Boys - Horseplay DVD

After 5 years of calm, these foul-mouthed rappers returned with the release of their 6th album To The 5 Boroughs, the most eagerly anticipated new record of the year so far. It includes exclusive and previously unseen film footage and in-depth interviews with the band and those that have worked closely with the Beastie Boys during their career, including close friends, colleagues, journalists.
Coinciding with the release of their sixth, much-anticipated album TO THE FIVE BOROUGHS, HORSEPLAY takes a close look at hip hop legends the Beastie Boys. This unauthorized documentary, which includes never before seen footage of the band at various points throughout their career, as well as exclusive interviews with band members, friends, collaborators and fellow musicians, explores the career of one of the most influential groups of the 1990s.

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Beastie Boys Video Anthology DVD

Over 100 video angles and audio tracks, switchable at anytime during playback
More than 40 remixes
A cappella versions
Rare still photographs
Interview with the cast of "Sabotage"
The world-premiere director's cut of Nathanial Hornblower's "Intergalactic" spin-off "The Robot vs. the Octopus Monster Saga"

£15.99 Add to basket

Style Wars

STYLE WARS has become a cultural emblem and ranks among the best hip hop films ever made. Embraced by the culture it depicts as well as by mainstream America, STYLE WARS was one of the first shots fired in the hip hop revolution that took the country by storm.

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Dave Chappelle's Block Party

DVD £6.99 Add to basket
Concert film directed by Michel Gondry ('Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'), followng US comedian Dave Chappelle as he presents a star-studded 'block party' in a Brooklyn neighbourhood, featuring artists such as Kanye West, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, Dead Prez, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, The Roots, Cody ChesnuTT, Big Daddy Kane and - reunited for their first performance in seven years - the Fugees.

Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest DVD

DVD £11.99 Add to basket

Film by hard-core fan Michael Rapaport, Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest is a revealing documentary about one of the most influential and groundbreaking musical groups in hip-hop history.
Regarded as iconic pioneers of the genre, the multi-platinum selling group's sudden break-up in 1998 shocked the industry and saddened the scores of fans whose appetite for the group's innovative musical stylings never seems to diminish. Travelling with the band members (Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White), Rapaport captures the story of how tenuous their relationship has become; how their personal differences and unresolved conflicts continue to be a threat to their creative cohesion. When mounting tensions erupt backstage, we get a behind-the-scenes look at their journey and contributions as a band and what currently is at stake for these long-time friends and collaborators.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Product Placement On Tour

DVD £9.99 Add to basket

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist perform the all-45 set in six cities, and segments of each performance feature on this expansive disc.
Regions: 1-6
Format: 4:3
Extras: Commentary by Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow
Disc 2: Audio CD
Comes in a standard DVD case with outer cardboard sleeve.

Big Fun In The Big Town DVD

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Filmed in New York City in 1986, Big Fun in the Big Town chronicles the emerging cultural movement called hip-hop , through the lens of an upstart Dutch filmmaker named Bram Van Splunteren. Armed with nothing more than a camera crew and vague understanding of the English language, Van Splunteren s fearless excursion into the world of American hip hop led him to the gritty landscapes of Harlem, South Bronx, and the Lower East Side during the peak years of the 1980s crack epidemic. Putting his own personal safety at risk, Van Splunteren s travelled to remote locations in neighborhoods where no foreigners or outsiders were normally allowed. There he managed to capture the essence of that time and place, while also managing to attain interviews and footage with rap heavyweights and emerging artists many now refer to as legends. The amazing scenes contained herein will blow the minds of any self respecting fan of rap music; a 17 year old LL Cool J greeting Van Splunteren from the door step of his grandmother s apartment (where he still lived), the Mystery Crew out of Chicago who happened to be trying to snag a meeting with Russell Simmons outside the small first offices of Def Jam on the same day Van Splunteren happened to be interviewing him, DMC freestyling to and unreleased beat on the cassette deck of his brand new and first Cadillac, a still skinny Biz Markie beatboxing for Roxanne Shante on stage Van Splunteren managed to capture so many incredible moments in hip hop history and really encapsulated the era perfectly. Amazingly, the film that captured the New York rap scene during its most vital moments never received a proper debut in the city until almost 25 years after it premiered.. And now, Five Day Weekend has secured the rights to issue this documentary for the first time ever to American audiences in a physical format. Big Fun In The Big Town is a must own documentary for any true rap historian, and a window into a time and place many of us can now only learn about through study. Travel back to where it all began and relive the inspiring struggle of hip hop music all over again. Features interviews and appearances with: MC Shan, Grandmaster Flash, Roxanne Shante, Biz Markie, Doug E Fresh, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl, CBS Crew, Mystery Crew, Run DMC, The Last Poets, Schoolly D and many more. Run Time : 41:28

 UK Takeover - The Prequel DVD

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Timeless 3 X DVDs Boxset

£19.99 Add to basket

The set if a tribute to three of the greatest arrangers/composers our times have witnessed: legendary hip-hop producer J Dilla, Ethiopian jazz great Mulatu Astatke and Rio de Janiero's own funk pioneer Arthur Verocai. Eager collecters will of course be greated by extensive liner notes, posters, exclusive music and much more.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Freeze DVD

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Documenting an infamous Los Angeles scratch and cut session executed by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist in 2000, «Freeze« showcases the skills of both artists as they cut up old 45«s on the turntables. Supporting DJs included Marvski, Dante, Nu-Mark, and Z-Trip, all of whom delivered excellent sets... all regions code!

Awol One And Thanksgiving Brown Š Present: Culturama 777 - Audiovisual Bombshelter Vol 3 DVD

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This DVD compilation features full-length independent hip-hop music videos from GZA & DJ Muggs, Jean Grae, Zion I, Self Scientific, Awol One, Substance Abuse/feat. Kool Kieth, 2Mex & Busdriver, Prince Paul & Dante Ross, LMNO, Peanut Butter Wolf & Stones Throw Singers, LA Symphony, Time Machine, Dooley O, One Block Radius, Tanya Morgan, Blue Collar, The VJC, Pismo, and Evil. AUDIOVISUAL BOMBSHELTER is the multi media label masterminded and controled by AWOL-One of the Shapeshifters. The label's goal is to release hiphop dvd projects that seek to expose the world to the underground culture.

Fat Joe - Follow The Don DVD

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This DVD features over 70 minutes of live footage and behind the scenes coverage including Fat Joe at home with his friends and clowning with Ja-Rule, Irv Gotti, Puffy, Ashanti, and more. It also features special guest appearances by Allen Iverson and Stephan Marbury. Catch the shenanigans from Fat Joe and the Terror Squad as they tour across the country. This DVD was manufactured and put together by Fat Joe and his crew themselves! Groupies, strippers and houchies all love Fat Joesee it for your self!

Ultimate Breaks & Beats - Production Tools (Data DVD)

Data DVD £34.99 Add to basket

With this production library manipulated and organized for the modern day producer, you will have at your fingertips all you need to create the soundscape you aim for, from slow-creeping cinematic tension to uptempo partyvibe dance classics. With 4.25 GBs of organic and crisp sounds, you will be well-prepared to take your production to a new level, enabling you to remix and reshape audio in infinite ways. For each song, there are three corresponding Pro Tools sessions, multi tracked and tempo mapped for endless sampling and manipulation capabilities. There are over 150 loops that have already been created from the thirteen songs, available in two convenient formats: WAV and RX2 (Recycle). All of the memorable bass lines, guitar riffs, drum loops, horn stabs, and even flute melodies have been isolated as loops in organized folders. With this set, there are endless sampling possibilities ready-to-go right out of the box, with all of the painstaking steps already taken care of for you. Now let's get busy!
į More than 150 loops available out of the box (WAV & RX2 formats)
3 Pro Tools sessions available for each of the songs - All multi tracked and grid-locked in tempo
Manipulate the pre-assembled loops AND create new loops of your own with ease!
100% SERATO Compatible!

Breakdance The Movie aka BREAKIN' - DVD

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BREAKIN' is quite simply the best dance movie to come out of the wonderous 1980's.

Breakdance 2 - Electric Boogaloo - DVD

£9.99 Add to basket
This is the follow up to Breakin' (Breakdance The Movie). If you liked the 1st film, you won't be disappointed!

Scratch DVD - A film by Doug Pray

£9.99 Add to basket

Director Doug Pray (HYPE!) pays tribute to the innovative art of deejaying in the electrifying documentary SCRATCH. Featuring the most legendary figures in the deejay scene, Pray's film is at once a deeply insightful historical document and a highly entertaining glimpse into the world of underground hip-hop. Modern luminaries such as DJ Shadow, MixMasterMike (of the Beastie Boys), DJ Qbert, Rob Swift, and DJ Swamp are interviewed alongside living legends like Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, and Grand Mixer DXT, in order to paint a broad, comprehensive picture of how deejaying has evolved over the years.

Beat Street DVD

£7.99 Add to basket

Rapper Kenny (Guy Davis) and his breakdancing brother Lee (Robert Taylor) are up-and-coming talents. They only need a few good connections and one big break to make it. When they meet a beautiful college music professor (Rae Dawn Chong) who can help them expand their horizons, everything starts to fall into place. BEAT STREET features many influential rap stars and a legendary showdown between the Rock Steady Crew and the New York City Breakers.

Secondhand Sureshots DVD + CD

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DVD Secondhand Sureshots the film + CD Original music by Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G, plus a megamix by Kutmah

 DMC 2007 UK DJ FINAL and Battle For UK Supremacy DVD

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 DMC 2007 WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL + Never Seen Before Eliminations DVD

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 Stones Throw 101 DVD & Mix CD

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From Madvillain, Quasitmoto, Madlib, Jaylib, Wildchild, Dudley Perkins & more

Bonus Features:
Unseen live footage from MF Doom & Madlib

Mix CD:
By Peanut Butter Wolf

 F What U Heard UK Hip Hop DVD

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with Interviews, Cyphers, Musi c Videos. With Manage, Stig, Reain, MC MEllo, Chester P, Logic and many more!

UK B-Boy Championships 2006

£15.99 Add to basket

Hosted by Crazy Legs & Afrika Islam. Live performances from London Posse and Schoolly D. Renegade, Shortee Blitz, DJ Skeme and Cut Nice on the wheels of steel.

Scribble Jam 2005 U.S. Tour + CD Compilation Volume 3

£15.99 Add to basket

DVD features Mr Dibbs, Glue, Blueprint, DJ Rare Groove. CD features Glue, Musab, Listener, John Smith, Pip Skid, Sktatch Bastid, Doomtree, I Self Devine, Maker, Mr Dibbs and many more

Scribble Jam Archive Number 1

£12.99 Add to basket

DVD features Eminem, Atmosphere, Adeem, Sage Francis, Mr Dibbs, Dose One, Slug, Eyedea, Brother Ali, DJ Abilities, Blueprint, Edo G, 7L & Esoteric, Edan, Five Deez, Z-Trip, Allies, Lone Catalysts and many more

Culturama 666

features Shapeshifters, Dangermouse & Cee-Lo, Subtle, High N Mighty, Visionaries, Josh Martinez, Abstract Rude, Busdriver, Mighty Casey, Opio and many more

£9.99 Add to basket

UK Takeover 3 DVD

features Baby J & Rukus, Skeme, Thepetebox, Mitchell Bros, Phi Life Cypher, Roll Deep, Kyza & DJ Caramac, Skinnyman & DJ Flip, TY, Rodney P, MCD, Million Dan, Mr Ti2bs and more

£14.99 Add to basket

DJ Q-Bert Complete Do It Yourself Vol. 2 Skratch Sessions

features Dee Android & Celskii, Formula-1 & LOK, Gel-o & RPM, Quest & The Wax Witch, Tip & Ant-1, Idea & Steele Born, Dinoh & Entech, Illogic & Impereal, HOP, Teeko, Spair, Jamil Vaughn, and Mike Boogie and many more

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Itch FM 2nd Birthday Bash (DVD/CD)

features Taskforce, Wan-C, Klashnekoff, Killa Kela, Tommy Evans and many more

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Graffiti Rock - Michael Holman Presents... (US NTSC DVD)

Featuring Run DMC, Doug Fresh, Jazzy Jay, Fab 5 Freddy, New York City Breakers

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Hate Your Moms Loved The Videos Vol.1

Classic rap videos from Diamond D, Jeru, Casual, Kurious, Black Moon, Common and more!

£7.99 Add to basket

Hate Your Moms Loved The Videos Vol.2

Classic rap videos from O.C., Main Source. Common, Mobb Deep, Del, Show & AG and more!

£7.99 Add to basket

Wesley Willis

The Daddy Of Rock'N'Roll

£10.99 Add to basket

Rap & Soul Mail Order