Thursday 11th August 2022

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New Releases

PRESALE - Surprise Chef - Education & Recreation (Big Crown Records)

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Estimated Shipping Date: 14th October 2022

Black, Indie Retail Exclusive Clear Red Vinyl And CD!

Surprise Chef’s music is based on evoking mood; their vivid arrangements utilize time and space to build soundscapes that invite the listener into their world. The quintet’s distinct sound pulls from 70s film scores, the funkier side of jazz, and the samples that form the foundation of hip hop. They push the boundaries of instrumental soul and funk with their own approach honed by countless hours in the studio, studying the masters, and perhaps most importantly, the “tyranny of distance” that dictates a unique perspective to their music.

Track listing:

Side 1
1. A1 Bakery Pledge of Allegiance 2. Grinners Circle 3. Velodrome 4. Suburban Breeze 5. Conversation Piece 6. Iconoclasts

Side 2
1. Money Music 2. Spring's Theme 3. Together Again 4. Winter’s Theme 5. Ten & Two 6. Goldie’s Lullaby

Surprise Chef - All News Is Good News (Mr Bongo)

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There is something simultaneously both brand-new and retro about 'All News Is Good News’ - the debut album from Melbourne's instrumental soul group Surprise Chef. It sounds like something dreamt up by lo-fi cousins of David Axelrod and Janko Nilovic, with dramatic Library-music-eqsue cinematic arrangements echoing both light and dark, delving into moments of dissonance and positivity. There is a meticulous education of 1970’s soul on display that touches on the legacies of the great composer / producers, yet at the same time this is a truly contemporary record that could have only been made now.

The first limited pressing of 'All News Is Good News’ was released on the band's own 'College Of Knowledge' imprint in November 2019. It slipped rapidly into the collective consciousness of underground music lovers around the world, with all copies selling out within a week and becoming a firm favourite at Mr Bongo HQ in the process. We felt Surprise Chef had made something very special, a future-classic, and that needed to be heard well beyond those lucky enough to have bagged those limited first copies.

Track Listing:
A1. All News Is Good News / A2. Herbie Hemphill / A3. Blyth Street Nocturne / A4. Have You Fed Baby Huey Today / A5. Yung Boi Suite / B1. Crayfish Caper / B2. Flip Shelton / B3. Drinking From The Cup Of Bob Knob / B4. Mario's Lament

Surprise Chef - Daylight Savings (Mr Bongo)

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Being the humble guys that they are, Surprise Chef aren't going to admit they have something very special going down. However, there must be some magic in their studio, or maybe in the fact they all share a house and have formed close bonds, or perhaps from absorbing the DIY ethos of running their own record label that has culminated in such a unique and enchanting sound.

'Daylight Savings' is the follow-up to the group's debut album 'All News Is Good News’. That album earned the band a much-deserved following across the world and triumphantly marked their arrival onto the international stage. Their new album was recorded in Spring 2019, almost exactly a year after they recorded ‘All News Is Good News’. It was the weekend that daylight savings time started in Australia, and the studio was filled with the smell of the towering Jasmine bush on the exterior back wall of the house. The record is subsequently filled with the optimism that comes with the impending warmer months and longer days in Australia.

Track Listing:
College Welcome / Deadlines / New Ferrari / Washing Day / College Welcomes Carl / Sick Day / Daylight Savings / Dinner Time / Leave It, Don't Take It / The Limp

Surprise Chef - Masters At Work & Harvey Sutherland Remixes (Mr Bongo)

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A1. Crayfish Caper (Nuyorican Broken Mix)
B1. Crayfish Caper (Masters At Work Mix) / B2. New Ferrari (Harvey Sutherland's Weird Flex - 12” Mix)

At the vanguard of Melbourne's bustling underground music scene you’ll find Surprise Chef. A band very much on the rise, who with two exceptional albums under their belts, are picking up a rapidly swelling fanbase across the world. Working out of the College of Knowledge stable (their home / studio / record label namesake), the band’s take on instrumental cinematic soul and funk has connected with listeners across multiple scenes and genres. Their intoxicatingly laidback sound, which pairs expertly crafted hooks with a seriously funky, watertight rhythm section, has earned them a wide appeal and made their tracks ripe for interpretation.

Surprise Chef / Minoru Muraoka - The Positive And The Negative (Mr Bongo)

7" Vinyl £12.99 Add to basket

A: Surprise Chef - The Positive and the Negative
B: Minoru Muraoka - The Positive and the Negative (Mr Bongo 7” Edit)

Minoru Muraoka’s 'The Positive and the Negative’ is a firm favourite at Mr Bongo. It sees a master of the shakuhachi, a traditional bamboo Japanese flute, flex his prodigious skill resulting in a unique mix of breakbeat jazz and Japanese folkloric music. 'The Positive and the Negative’ featured on the 1970 'Bamboo’ album, which Mr Bongo reissued in 2019. Heralded by DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Egon, and many others. The record’s cult status had us thinking how could we pay further homage to a sublime track such as this. The opportunity came to us in an email from Melbourne’s Surprise Chef with a link to the fabulous reinterpretation of the track which they had just recorded.

Noriko Miyamoto With Isao Suzuki - Push (BBE)

Reissue Gatefold Double Vinyl L + Obi-strip £29.99 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 12th August 2022

BBE Music is proud to present the latest J Jazz Masterclass Series reissue, 1978 soul/jazz tour de force album ’Push’ by Noriko Miyamoto.

For the first time, this critically acclaimed series that delves deep into the history of Japanese Jazz will be releasing an album by a Japanese female singer, Noriko Miyamoto produced by one of the legendary figures in Japanese Jazz, Isao Suzuki.

The release of her incredible debut album, ‘Push’, coincided with a surge in popularity for local female jazz singers such Kimiko Kasai, Yasuko Agawa, etc. that crossed over into the pop market. It was originally released by the now-defunct label, Yupiteru Records in 1978. Since then, it has been reissued a few times in Japan but recently, along with a surge of worldwide interest in old Japanese music, ‘Push’ has been gaining a cult status among foreign music heads, with the price for an original pressing skyrocketing in the second hand record market. This reissue of ‘Push’ will be the first time ever that this album will be officially released worldwide.

Ghost Funk Orchestra - Night Walker / Death Waltz (Karma Chief)

Red Vinyl LP £22.49 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 12th August 2022

LP - Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Opaque Red Vinyl. Only 2,500 copies pressed in this edition.

Back in 2016, producer Seth Applebaum released two EPs that marked the inauguration of the band Ghost Funk Orchestra. Night Walker and Death Waltz were conceived as one-man-band, reel-to-reel tape recorded experiments that would bring together elements of all the sounds that Seth most adored at the time: tape-saturated drums, gratuitous spring reverb, surfy guitar, Latin-style percussion, odd time signatures, and Spanish-language female vocals.

Initially released only in the digital domain and on a short run of cassette tapes, these two EPs that defined the early era of GFO are now finally available together on a single LP via Colemine Records. The tracks have been lovingly remastered by Doug Krebs. We invite you to take a dive into the humble beginnings of a project that has continued to grow, shape shift, and accrue new and exciting sounds for its sonic palette.


1. Intro 2. Brownout 3. Dark Passage 4. Night Walker 5. Demon Demon 6. Blood Moon 7. Interlude 8. Franklin Ave 9. A Moment Of Clarity 10. The Death Waltz 11. Brain Fog 12. Spirit Dance 13. The Haunt Pt. 2 14. Lost Soul 15. Boneyard Baile

Andy Bey - Experience & Judgment (Real Gone Music)

Reissue Sea Blue Vinyl LP £31.99 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 12th August 2022

Crate diggers have long dug this 1973 soul jazz classic on the Atlantic label…it’s far more than your usual jazz vocal record. Vocalist/pianist Andy Bey imbues every number here with a spiritual depth and soulful intensity, yet Experience and Judgment is a relaxing, uplifting listen reminiscent of Bill Withers or Roy Ayers. Some credit for this album’s unique vibe must also be given to producer William S. “Bill” Fischer (Eugene McDaniels, Herbie Mann), who composes a couple tunes here and lends his distinctive touch on keyboards. Whether your taste in jazz runs to free, funk, or even quiet storm, Experience and Judgment delivers. Reissued in Sea Blue vinyl to match the album cover and the mood…limited to 1000 copies!

Side One
1. Celestial Blues 2. Experience 3. Judgment 4. I Know This Love Can’t Be Wrong 5. Hibiscus 6. You Should’ve Seen the Way

Side Two
1. Tune Up 2. Rosemary Blue 3. Being Uptight 4. A Place Where Love Is 5. Trust Us to Find the Way 6. The Power of My Mind

Kokoroko - Could We Be More (Brownswood Recordings)

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Blue Vinyl LP £22.49 Add to basket
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Indies exclusive LP is on 'Blue' coloured vinyl.

The highly anticipated debut full length from Kokoroko.

“Drawing influence from West African highlife and jazz, wellmarinated in enough polyrhythm seasoning to induce fires on the dance floors they play.” Okay Africa “Afrobeat, jazz, soul and ’70s psych-leaning funk - luminescent” Cool Hunting “This female-led, multicultural collective of under 30s is a vital example of not only jazz’s new form but the shape of things to come.” The Guardian Following the huge success of 2018’s Kokoroko EP’ and the sensational Abusey Junction (100M streams and counting), Could We Be More’ is an expansive and ambitious debut album that speaks to the force of Kokoroko.

Each song possesses the power to evoke memories and harness the feeling of home through music: from the psychedelic, funk-laden previous single ‘Something’s Going On’ to the congregational energy of today’s track ‘We Give Thanks’, ‘Could We Be More’ fuses together the African- London synergy which so naturally underpins the heat of Kokoroko’s identity.

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (Impulse 2022)

180 Gram Vinyl LP £22.49 Add to basket

180 Gram Vinyl. Mastered From Original Tapes.

Easily one of the most important records ever made, this was Coltrane's pinnacle studio outing that spoke of his search for spiritual and musical freedom, as expressed through polyrhythms, modalities, and purely vertical forms. Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, it became an instant best-seller and received a Grammy nomination. It remains one of the greatest albums ever recorded, and in 2021 was certified platinum by the RIAA for sales of 1 million albums in the U.S. The achievement garners Coltrane his first-ever platinum record and is the first jazz album of the 1960s to receive platinum status, underscoring its enduring legacy and importance.

John Coltrane Quartet - Ballads (Impulse)

Gatefold 180 Gram Vinyl £22.49 Add to basket

Ballads is a special Coltrane masterpiece and consistent best-seller, recorded in December 1961 with Coltrane’s classic quartet—pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison, and drummer Elvin Jones—. When asked why such an undertaking, Coltrane replied, "variety." The recording captures the famed John Coltrane Quartet in a performance of timeless ballads. Coltrane was one of jazz's greatest ballad players, and his lyrical gifts are in sharp relief here.

Kay Young / Venna and Marco - Feel Like Making Love / Where Are We Going (Blue Note)

7" Vinyl £10.49 Add to basket

Limited 7-inch vinyl finds Kay Young and Venna and Marco Bernardis reimagine two Blue Note classics; Marlena Shaw's 'Feel Like Making Love' and Donald Byrd's 'Where Are We Going?' take from the upcoming Blue Note Re: imagined II.

John Coltrane - Coltrane, 2022 Reissue (Impluse!)

180g Vinyl LP £22.49 Add to basket

Overlooked on its original release, 'Coltrane' has since been regarded as a major recording in the saxophonist's discography. Featuring the classic quartet and produced by Bob Thiele for Impulse, this special edition has two bonus tracks from the same sessions not included on the original LP: 'Impressions' and 'Up 'Gainst The Wall'.

PRESALE - John Coltrane - Blue Train & Blue Train: The Complete Masters (Tone Poet Series)

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Estimated Shipping Date: 16th September 2022

Audiophile Release on Blue Note.

Single LP: 180 Gram Vinyl in Deluxe Tip On Sleeve. Mono Version.
Double LP: Complete Masters On Double 180 Gram Vinyl in Deluxe Tip On Sleeve. Mono Version with Booklet.

To mark the 65th anniversary of the album’s recording, Blue Train will be released in two special editions on September 16 as part of Blue Note’s acclaimed Tone Poet Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series. A 1-LP mono pressing of the original album will be presented in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket, while the 2-LP stereo collection Blue Train: The Complete Masters will include a second disc featuring seven alternate and incomplete takes, none of which have been released previously on vinyl, and four of which have never been released before on any format. The Complete Masters comes with a booklet featuring never-before-seen session photos by Francis Wolff and an essay by Coltrane expert Ashley Kahn. Both Tone Poet Vinyl Editions were produced by Joe Harley, mastered by Kevin Gray from the original analog master tapes, and pressed on 180g vinyl at RTI. Blue Train: The Complete Masters will also be released as a 2-CD set and digital collection.

“Few studio experiences I’ve had can compare with the thrill of listening to the original master tapes—mono, stereo and alternate takes—of Blue Train,” says Harley. “I consider these two new versions the definitive editions of this masterpiece performance by John Coltrane.”

1LP LP 1 | Blue Train | Original Album | Studio Side A Blue Train Moment’s Notice Side B Locomotion I’m Old Fashioned Lazy Bird

2LP LP 1 | Blue Train | Original Album | Studio Side A Blue Train Moment’s Notice Side B Locomotion I’m Old Fashioned Lazy Bird

LP 2 | Blue Train | alternate and incomplete takes Side A Blue Train (false start) Blue Train (take 7) Moment’s Notice (alternate take 4) Lazy Bird (take 1) Side B Blue Train (alternate take) Moment’s Notice (incomplete alternate take 5A) Lazy Bird (alternate take)

PRESALE - Beyoncé - Renaissance (Sony)

Pre-Order Deluxe Double Vinyl LP £67.49 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 16th September 2022

2 black vinyl LPs, 180 Gram, in printed jackets w/ printed inner sleeves, 36 page booklet, and folded collectable 24”x 36” poster (1 of 3 randomized), in a hard slipcase.

RENAISSANCE is the highly anticipated new album from global icon Beyoncé. Packed with rousing anthems that resonate with everybody, RENAISSANCE is a culmination of freedom and escape that encourages unimaginable jubilation, agency, and movement with abandon. The singular intent of RENAISSANCE, a reinvention of four on the floor, is to showcase music that stirs you from the soul and encourages your dancing feet. It is a celebration of a club era when anyone who felt like an outsider sought each other and formed a community of freedom-seekers to express themselves creatively through the rhythm, which we still celebrate today.

Track listing:





Lloyd Miller & The Mike Johnson Quartet – Jazz At The University Of Utah (Now-Again)

Vinyl LP + Booklet £27.99 Add to basket

Reissued for the first time! Modal and Eastern Jazz by Spiritual Jazz Maestro Lloyd Miller, originally issued in a run of 500 copies in 1967. This reissue was overseen by Miller and pressed from new stampers made from the original metal parts. The album contains an extensive booklet detailing Miller’s story by Francis Goding and also includes a download Card for WAV files and video of late 60s performances as well as Miller’s autobiography ‘Sufi, Saint & Swinger’ included.

Kashmere Stage Band - Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974 (Now-Again 2022 Reissue)

Black Vinyl 2LP £36.99 Add to basket

15 Heavy Funk Rarities. Cold Heat is Eothen “Egon” Alapatt’s a follow-up to the famous Funky 16 Corners set he curated in the early 2000s. And like that one, Cold Heat is overflowing with great bits that had barely (or never) been heard by the rest of the world at large. Egon went through a range of rare singles, masters, and demos and came up with tunes that burn with a brightness that's undeniable.

The grooves are all on the harder end of the James Brown Funky People side of the spectrum and some tracks are by names that finally got their due here, thanks to Egon, Now-Again, and some of the other funky forces doing the good work over the years.

Miles Davis - We Want Miles (Get On Down Reissue)

Yellow Vinyl 2LP £36.99 Add to basket


Remastered From The Original Analog Tapes!

The first live Miles Davis electric band release since 1977’s very dark and heavy Dark Magus. The album features live performances from shows at Boston’s Kix Club. The double vinyl release contains reimagined versions of songs from The Man With the Horn (1981), tunes from the pre-electric Gil Evans collaboration Porgy and Bess (1959), and a dedication to the Boston venue called Kix. While this was one of the first live Miles Davis performances in over half a decade it certainly did not show!!!

This album features R&B legend Marcus Miller on bass, Mike Stern on guitar, Bill Evans on saxophone, Mino Cinelu on percussion, and electric band alumni Al Foster on drums. Produced and edited by long time Miles collaborator Teo Macero.

Miles Davis - The Man With The Horn (Get On Down Reissue)

Clear Vinyl LP With Obi Strip £30.99 Add to basket

Crystal Clear Vinyl With Japanese Styled Insert & Deluxe Obi Strip

Remastered From The Original Analog Tapes. After a 9 year hiatus from recording studio albums, Miles Davis returned in 1981 with a bang. Continuing the abstract improvisational funk pioneered by the Miles Davis live electric band, Miles came back with a fresh cast. While there are plenty of new players on this recording it captures the moody long-song format from the mid- 70s live electric band.

The album features R&B legend Marcus Miller on bass, Mike Stern on guitar, electric band alumni Al Foster on drums, and many more. Produced and edited by long term Miles Davis collaborator Teo Macero.

Various - The Story Of Zamrock Vinyl Box Set – Second Edition (Vinyl Me, Please/Now-Again/Strawberry Rain)

180g Vinyl 8LP Boxset £249.99 Add to basket

Limited 180 gram vinyl 8xLP box set + 24-page booklet + sticker + button pin!

This box set was curated by Egon at Now-Again, with Moss and Calum of Strawberry Rain for Vinyl Me, Please. The 2nd Edition is limited to 1,000 copies, pressed on 180g black vinyl with heavyweight tip-on jackets.

All 8 albums in this Anthology were lovingly remastered & restored from the original masters by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, and pressed on heavyweight 180 gram black vinyl, these albums have never sounded better than they do in this box set. Includes 24-page booklet, featuring extensive liner notes by Calum MacNaughton of Strawberry Rain Music and newly unearthed photos.

• WITCH - Introduction (1973)
• Amanaz - Africa (1975)
• Ricky Banda - Niwanji Walwa Amwishyo (1976)
• CrossBones - Wise Man (1976)
• 5 Revolutions - I'm A Free Man (1976)
• Ngozi Family - 45,000 Volts (1977)
• Fireballs - Dots (1978)
• Oscillations - I Can See It Coming (1978)

Mobb Deep - Infamy, 20th Anniversary Edition (Get On Down)

Numbered Copper Marbled Vinyl 2LP £32.49 Add to basket

Limited Numbered Copper Marbled Vinyl 2LP With Obi-Strip.

The 5th studio album by the Infamous duo of Prodigy and Havoc was originally released 20 years ago on December 11, 2001.

The album features Mobb Deep Queensbidge affiliates Infamous Mobb and Big Noyd and was certified Gold.

To commemorate the 20 Year Anniversary Get On Down is proud to present this reissue for Mobb Deep fans worldwide. RIP Prodigy.

Just In - Ghostface Killah - Ironman (Get On Down 25th Anniversary Edition)

Blue & Cream Double Vinyl LP £33.99 Add to basket
Chicken & Broccoli Double Vinyl LP £33.99 Add to basket

Limited 25th Anniversary Edition Pressed On Blue & Cream And Chicken & Broccoli Colored Double Vinyl!

Ghostface Killah released his debut solo album 25 years ago on October 29, 1996. Produced by fellow Wu-Tang Clan member RZA, Ironman found inspiration in sources ranging from blaxploitation films to classic soul and charted a whole new direction for hip-hop in the process. The album features classic bangers like Daytona 500 featuring Raekwon and Cappadonna to soulful emotionally moving cuts like All That I Got Is You with Mary J Blige. To commemorate the 25 year anniversary Get On Down is proud to present Ironman in a 2xLP set available on both ‘Blue & Cream’ and ‘Chicken & Broccoli’ half-n-half colored vinyl, each version housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket, packed inside a ‘shoebox’-style 2nd outer jacket embossed with the year 1996.

PRESALE - Surprise Chef - Education & Recreation (Big Crown Records)

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Pre-Order Black Vinyl 2LP £19.99 Add to basket
Pre-Order CD £10.49 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 14th October 2022

Black, Indie Retail Exclusive Clear Red Vinyl And CD!

Surprise Chef’s music is based on evoking mood; their vivid arrangements utilize time and space to build soundscapes that invite the listener into their world. The quintet’s distinct sound pulls from 70s film scores, the funkier side of jazz, and the samples that form the foundation of hip hop. They push the boundaries of instrumental soul and funk with their own approach honed by countless hours in the studio, studying the masters, and perhaps most importantly, the “tyranny of distance” that dictates a unique perspective to their music.

Track listing:
Side 1
1. A1 Bakery Pledge of Allegiance 2. Grinners Circle 3. Velodrome 4. Suburban Breeze 5. Conversation Piece 6. Iconoclasts

Side 2
1. Money Music 2. Spring's Theme 3. Together Again 4. Winter’s Theme 5. Ten & Two 6. Goldie’s Lullaby

Mykill Miers & Pawz One - Double Homocide (Below System)

Black Vinyl LP £28.99 Add to basket

Double Homicide by Mykill Miers & Pawz One dropped back in late 2021 and finally makes it onto wax. It is a hard edge collection of rap cuts from the Los Angeles emcees. Boom-bap forms the backdrop, and goes fro dark and edgy to more smooth and soulful. Peppered with multi-syllabic lyrical barrages and DJ cuts, it's a living and breathing record that Brussels with energy. Production on this record comes from top names like Default Beats, Big Bob, Phaisrok, DJ Ray Swift, Science and of course the man himself, Mykill Miers.

Your Old Droog - Yod Stewart (Nature Sounds)

CD 11.49 Add to basket

Your Old Droog is back with another exhilarating hip-hop opus. Fresh off a series of outstanding projects, the prolific rhyme author is now debuting the new album Yod Stewart. Featuring captivating beats by Tha God Fahim, Nicholas Craven, Conductor Williams, Lee Scott, and more, the collection illuminates YOD's world-class lyricism and highly relatable storytelling prowess. A highly conceptual endeavor, Yod Stewart is set within an intriguing narrative context: a recording artist comes across a Rod Stewart wig, takes it home, falls asleep, and becomes the pop star of his dreams. Follow the superstar on his turbulent but ultimately rewarding journey filled with musical meditations on lucid dreaming, keys to success, lost friendships, toxic relationships, teenage heartbreaks, and more. Your Old Droog does it all, again.

Nas - Magic (Mass Appeal)

Black Vinyl LP 24.99 Add to basket

Produced by Nas’ longtime collaborator Hit-Boy, Nas shares Magic, the transcendent 9 track album including “Wave Gods” ft. A$AP Rocky and DJ Premier. Magic follows the August 2021 release of Grammy nominated album, King’s Disease II.

Classic Black Vinyl packaged in heavy 24pt glossy jackets, with matte finish euro inner sleeves, a 12x24” printed insert / lyric sheet, sealed with an OBI strip.

Czarface - Czarmageddon! Lunchbox Edition (Silver Age)

Embossed Lunchbox w. Cassette and Series 2 Trading Cards £36.99 Add to basket

Limited Edition Collector's Lunchbox with CZARMAGEDDON! Cassette and Exclusive Trading Cards (Series II)

Hot off their two smashes for Marvel’s blockbuster film Venom: Let There Be Carnage, CZARFACE is back, triumphantly swinging into your universe with their new album CZARMAGEDDON! Expect many twists and turns as Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck and Esoteric go to war with an all-new, all-different soundscape from Czarface producers the Czar Keys. Alt-rap icon Kool Keith shatters the lyrical glass and the enigmatic Frankie Pulitzer, who first appeared on the Venom soundtrack on Czarface’s Today’s Special, is back with guns blazing.


Side 1:
1. Damien’s Dinner Time 2. The Czarlaac Pit feat Frankie Pulitzer 3. Can It Be? 4. Walk thru Walls 5. Splash Page 6. Bob Laczar

Side 2:
1. Big Em Up feat Lion Eye 2. Nu Mutantes 3. Fearless & Inventive feat Kool Keith 4. Boogie Defmix 5. Czarv Wolfman 6. Logan-5

PRESALE - Mr Jukes & Barney Artist – Eternal EP (Virgin Music)

10" Vinyl EP £14.99 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 16th September 2022

Mr Jukes is the solo moniker of Bombay Bicycle Club frontman Jack Steadman, who released his first solo album, God First, in 2017. The album featured contributions from legends such as Charles Bradley, De La Soul and Horace Andy, alongside a collaboration with Barney Artist, who Jack had quite simply stumbled upon on a Spotify playlist and never forgotten. The track was a standout and planted the seed for The Locket, a full length Jukes & Barney collaborative project released in 2021. Barney’s music takes the vibrance of jazz infused hip-hop but with a London feel. Growing up in Forest Gate, East London, Barney balances conscious themes with old school grooves to create something instantly likeable, like the artist. He’s a larger than life presence, fun to be around and a searing, peerless talent too. A collaborator by nature, Barney grew up around Tiana Major9 and Jay Prince and has made music with Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, Alfa Mist and Jordan Rakei.

PRESALE - Eminem - Curtain Call 2 (Interscope)

Black Vinyl 2LP £31.99 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 25th November 2022

Second Greatest Hits set from the rapper they love to hate on, comprised of the inimitable Detroit MC’s creative output since the 2005 release of Curtain Call: The Hits. Curtain Call 2 will include music from all Eminem projects from Relapse forward, including side-projects, guest appearances, film soundtrack songs, and of course selections from his solo albums.

PRESALE - Post Malone - Twelve Carat Toothache (Island Records)

Black + Red Spot Double Vinyl 2LP £28.99 Add to basket
Lemon Double Vinyl 2LP £28.99 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 10th February 2023

Indies and D2C exclusive LP is on 'lemon' coloured vinyl.

Gearing up for yet another landmark season, GRAMMY®?Award-nominated RIAA diamond-certified Dallas, TX artist?Post Malone?returned with a brand new single entitled?“Cooped Up”?[with?Roddy Ricch]

It heralded the arrival of his fourth full-length offering and the summer’s most-anticipated record,?Twelve Carat Toothache, that arrived on CD June 3, 2022. It is his first full-length in three years since the triple-platinum?Hollywood’s Bleeding?crashed the?Billboard?Top 200 at #1.

1. “Reputation” 2. “Cooped Up” feat. Roddy Ricch 3. “Lemon Tree” 4. “Wrapped Around Your Finger” 5. “I Like You (A Happier Song)” feat. Doja Cat 6. “I Cannot Be (A Sadder Song)” feat. Gunna 7. “Insane” 8. “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol” feat. Fleet Foxes 9. “Wasting Angels” feat. The Kid LAROI 10. “Euthanasia” 11. “When I’m Alone” 12. “Waiting for a Miracle” 13. “One Right Now” feat. The Weeknd 14. “New Recording 12, Jan 3, 2020”

PRESALE - The Harlem Gospel Travelers - Look Up! (Coalmine)

Pre-Order Powder Blue Vinyl LP £32.99 Add to basket
Pre-Order Black Vinyl LP £22.99 Add to basket
Pre-Order CD £11.49 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date: 16th September 2022

Things are looking up for The Harlem Gospel Travelers, who return here with a new album, a new lineup, and a new lease on life. Produced by Eli Paperboy Reed, Look Up! marks the group’s first full-length release as a trio, as well as their first collection of totally original material, and it couldn’t have come at a more vital moment. The music still draws deeply on the gospel quartet tradition of the ’50s and ’60s, of course, but there’s a distinctly modern edge to the record, an unmistakable reflection of the tumultuous past few years of pandemic anxiety, political chaos, and social unrest. The songs are bold and resilient, facing down doubt and despair with faith and perseverance, and the performances are explosive and ecstatic, fueled by dazzling vocal arrangements punctuated with gritty bursts of guitar and crunchy rhythm breaks.

Born out of an non-profit music education program led by Reed, The Harlem Gospel Travelers—singers Thomas Gatling, George Marage, and Dennis Bailey—released their debut LP, He’s On Time, to rave reviews in 2019, with Pop Matters hailing the album’s “musical transcendence” and AllMusic praising it as “dreamlike and joyous.” The record charted on Billboard, earned the Travelers high profile fans like Elton John (who invited them to appear on his Rocket Hour radio show on Apple Music), and landed them festival slots everywhere from Pilgrimage to Telluride Jazz.

PRESALE - Andrew Ashong & Kaidi Tatham - Sankofa Season (Kitto Records)

Preorder Black Vinyl LP £18.99 Add to basket

Estimated Shipping Date 26th August 2022

South London soul artist Andrew Ashong returns with his first full release since 2014 – an expansive six-track collaboration with Kaidi Tatham, the unrivaled underground virtuoso described as the UK's Herbie Hancock. 'Sankofa Season' takes both artists to new heights as they seamlessly complement each other's musical language, giving voice to productions that criss-cross genre and time to move into their own distinct lane. Expect deep jazz funk, hazy contemporary soul, jazzy broken beat, breezy latin soul, organic deep house and much more.

The EP follows Kaidi Tatham's 2018 album 'It's A World Before You', and is Andrew Ashong's first full release since his 2014 self-titled EP. 'Sankofa Season' is the inaugural release for Kitto Records, a new label based in Belfast and London.

1. Low Ceilings 2. Washed In You 3. Eye Mo K 4. Sankofa Song 5. Learning Lessens 6. To Your Heart

PRESALE - Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers (TDE)

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Kendrick Lamar releases his first album in 5 years. The sprawling and dense double album is a cathartic, soul-baring autobiography.

1. Rendezvous Feat. Vanessa Baker 2. Obio Feat. Gabriel Otu 3. Don't Wanna Be Your Lover Feat. Raymond Lédon 4. Ge United in Grief N96 Worldwide Steppers Die Hard (Feat. Blxst & Amanda Reifer) Father in Time (Feat. Sampha) Rich (Interlude) Rich Spirit We Cry Together (Feat. Taylour Paige) Purple Hearts (Feat. Summer Walker & Ghostface Killah)
Count Me Out Crown Silent Hill (Feat. Kodak Black) Savior (Interlude) Savior (Feat. Baby Keem & Sam Dew) Auntie Diaries Mr Morale (Feat. Tanna Leone) Mother I Sober (Feat. Beth Gibbons of Portishead) Mirror

PRESALE - Vince Guaraldi - It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Concord)

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Limited Pumpkin-shaped orange vinyl and black edition on Concord Records.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Music from the Soundtrack) features some of the most iconic tracks in pop culture, including the instantly recognizable “Linus and Lucy,” as well as the languid, lyrical “Great Pumpkin Waltz.” The music was recorded on October 4, 1966 at Desilu’s Gower Street Studio in Hollywood, California by Guaraldi (piano) and his longtime friends and trio sidemen — bassist Monty Budwig and drummer Colin Bailey — joined by Emanuel Klein (trumpet), John Gray (guitar) and Ronald Lang (woodwinds). The entire scoring process was overseen by composer, arranger and conductor John Scott Trotter, well known for a three-decade run as Bing Crosby’s music director and close friend. The slowdown of the pandemic gave the Mendelson family, (Lee Mendelson was the Executive Producer of the TV Special), an opportunity to dig deep through their archives and they discovered what were previously thought to be lost to time: the original analog session reels for It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. What you will hear on most tracks of this new and improved “best” version of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown are the musical cues as recorded by Vince and crew before they were edited for the television special, in show order, as well as a selection of alternate takes.


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Stig of The Dump - Kubrick (Lewis Recordings)

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"Stanley Kubrick was a Master of the hidden narrative, a virtuoso of subtext, composition & attention to detail & a perfectionist with obsessive vision. Executively produced & heavily scored by legendary UK veteran, Jehst. The #KubrickLP by Stig Of The Dump is a story rife with gritty comedy & layered in honest tragedy. What begins as a heavy neck snapping, braggadocio laden rap album, effortlessly plot twists into an open & poetic autobiography. A story arc reflected in the continually developing sound track. The script bursts with geeky film references, dextrous word play & poignant story telling, while the backdrop morphs subtly between classic Boom-Bap & weighty bangers to moving, stripped back piano loops & jazzy, spaced out glitch hop" A movie for the blind - "Press play & then smoke until it's all gone Kubrick" Art Over Money, Love Over Everything.

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Secondhand Sureshots DVD + CD

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DVD Secondhand Sureshots the film + CD Original music by Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G, plus a megamix by Kutmah

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Dooley O - I Gotcha CD

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Dagha ­ The Divorce CD

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DJ Yoda 'Home Cooking' T-Shirt Black

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The official 'Home Cooking' T-Shirt illustrated by Ben Connors

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- Full colour screen printed

NYC Street Photography... It's the Joint - Brian Nobili & Ricky Powell (Hardback Cover)

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NYC Street Photography... It's the Joint is a collection of 10 of New York's most prolific street photographers today. Through their photography they tell stories from every corner of the city from the early '80s until the present day.

Thud Rumble - Butter Rugs 7" Slipmats

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The revolutionary slipmat design by Q-Bert. Q-Bert has done away from the traditional felt mat, and replaced it with a thin synthetic fiber fused onto a thin plastic layer. Lightweight and super-smooth, these mats produce little friction while offering the grip you need for scratching and back-cueing. Recommended.
- comes as a pair
- super slick, thin construction

- designed for scratching & back-cueing

 Yo! MTV Raps Trading Cards (Pack Of 10) (Series 1)


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 Yo! MTV Raps Trading Cards (Pack Of 10) (Series 2)


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Home Taping Is Killing Music And It's Illegal...T-Shirt
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Clothing label BLT has exclusively given Rap And Soul their stunning new T-shirt design !!
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